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ResearchATM offers:

Scientific Research Tests

ResearchATM provides direct access to scientifically structured research tests that write and field your interview, analyze and deliver an immediate, easy-to-read report showing Linescore Preference Segmentation, reasons driving consumer preference and recommended next steps. Instant deliverables include a driver analysis, coded verbatims with qualitative insights, respondent detail, preferences, demographics, segmentation tags, attribute and benefit ratings, etc. in deep detail. Cross tabs and filters are available on-line instantly and data can be exported for internal reporting and analytical use. > Read more.

Linescore Segmentation

All research test reports available through the ResearchATM are scored and analyzed by Linescore Preference Segmentation. The Linescore uniquely identifies each individual customer by their satisfaction segment. 
Immediately learn who, why and how many of your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied. > Read more.