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Why Linescale

Linescale corrects the psychometric problem with Likert scales, the standard scale used by the Market Research community since WW ll.

Simply said, most people use only a small section of any scale and averages are heavily influenced by a few extreme positive or negative ratings. Statistics try to “cancel out the noise”, and simulate rank order. The result is typically small mean differences, even if statistically significant. (You’ve seen it.) This is a reason companies like “Net Promoter Score”, a people count.

Linescales correct this problem by counting people, not box scores. Linescale directly measures rank order.

Linescale answers,

“How many people preferred A to B?”   “How many people preferred A to their usual Brand?”

“How many people want each benefit?”   “How many more people want that benefit than any other benefit?”

“How many people prefer A to their first impression of A after thinking more about it, and after getting more experience or more information?”

...Linescale also shows you the “box” scores and averages.

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